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A Family Matter

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2020 @ 1:14am by Captain Aurther Winters & Lieutenant Commander Ech'am G'ginloss & Lieutenant J'goss Yass G'odoss

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: Just posting in here what was cut from the last post, so we can work on it. I would like to have to done by tomorrow or Saturday at the latest, as I want to have this wrapped up by Sunday

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

It had only been a few mere moments since his conversation with Axelrod, when again his attention was brought forward.

"Sir incoming transmission." Riley turned towards the Captain, who was starting to show slight signs of irritation.

"Who is it this time? The Borg, the Breen?" Aurther looked back at Lt. Riley before hearing a voice come through the speakers of the bridge and brought his attention to the view screen.

"No, it's Commodore Krum again Captain" The Klingon was now face to face with Winters. The first thing he noted was how his shuttle did not look like it was any better condition than the Chuck Norris. He also noted that it appeared the Commodore was injured as well, "I'm not sure if my tone was not perhaps coming through clear last time, but my shuttle is starting to lose it's auxiliary power. I would appreciate it if you could schedule a pick up sooner rather than later."

"My apologize sir, we seem to be dealing with a bit of a traffic jam. However, I can assure you that we are on route for your transportation."

"Thank you, might I also add that you transport me directly to your sickbay. My leg, I do believe it is broken, so I don't think I will be able to get anywhere fast."

"Of course sir, I will meet you there."

Bailey turned to Winters, "Coming into visual range of the shuttle, transport range in 1 minute."

"Captain..." Krum paused for a brief moment as it was apparent he was surveying the bridge. "Can you also have your Helmsman and Chief engineer accompany you as well."

"Sir?" Winters questioned.

"I have some matter to discuss with you all, I will see you soon." The Commodore closed the channel, causing Aurther to blink a few times, and ever so gently shake is head in confusion. Standing up and adjusting his uniform down, he motioned to both Klingons to follow him, and the trio left the bridge and headed down to sickbay. The trip was rather silent as the tension between the two lower officers could be felt by the Captain. It was not a long trip, but it was one that Aurther was still dreading, and new had to be done. As they got close to sickbay his eyes caught a few of the Chuck Norris crew, bandaged up and leaning again the walls of the corridor. As their eyes met his he gave them a slight smile and nodded at each other. Placing his hand on a few shoulders, hoping that the small gesture would give them some consolidation.
Once in Sickbay, two tables had patients on it. The two Nurses were working on each one with Doctor Tyjuuc both supervising them, and checking over a few other crewman. "This was triage at it's best." Winters thought, however the small smile he had disappeared when he saw two bodies laying on the floor, covered with Starfleet blankets, nothing to be seen but the boots they were wearing.

"Report Doctor." Aurther asked when the Vulcan saw him.

"A fair amount of bumps and bruises, some fractured bones, a couple and more serious injuries that you can see being worked on and... well, crewman Jones and Warrant Officer Vaalor didn't make it. I'm sorry sir."

"It's not your fault Doctor, we were kind of thrown into this situation, I know you're doing you best and there's is nothing more I can ask for. Just on that cue, the blue light of the transporter shimmered and Commodore Krum appeared, he was standing for a moment before almost falling over. Both G'ginloss and Bailey quickly grabbed him before he hit the floor and carried him to the only open bed. Tyjuuc seemed confused as this arrival of this high ranking Starfleet admiral, however she immediately jumped into her job and began checking the man over.

"He has broken leg for sure, as well as some abrasions and internal bruising, but a little time will fix most of that, of course except for the leg. We will have to repair that here."

"In time Doctor, please, I would like to talk to these three men first if possible, in private."

"Of course, I will just continue with my work. Please alert me when the Commodore would like my services."

Aurther nodded as he stood at the foot of the bed addressing Krum, with both G'ginloss and Bailey on either side of the bio bed.

"It has come to our attention that you have been searching for your birth parents Ensign. I this regards I have some news for you. It is about your mother." Throughout this time he had only truly laid eyes on the Ensign not yet looking at the other Klingon that was standing on his right. His head then turns to look at the younger of the two. "In fact, this deals with both of you and a secret that has been kept. Ech'am, Bailey, you both have the same mother. She has human blood in her veins, albeit she primarily has Klingon blood." He paused for a moment to let the news sink in.

"What? I was always raised thinking I was an only child, being raised with no single home! I may have to change my name." Bailey said as the last part trailed off.

"There is something yet left unsaid ambassador, what do you wish not to say. The time is now." Lt G'ginloss said.

"When your mother was younger, before she met your father Lt, a Ferengi became her husband in a debacle of ritual. Through this she became one of the few female leaders of an entire house. During this time you were born Ensign. Later, she had an affair with your Father Lieutenant and had you eventually married your Father by Klingon law I know this cause I am her Father . We have kept this secret, until now. The house of Juarn has vowed to reveal this to the grand council. If this happens our houses will be stripped of their honor for seven generations. In order to prevent this our houses are fighting. You happen to have stepped into the middle of this. In 3 hours our ships and there's will be here and the victor must be us." Pausing for a moment he takes a few breaths before continuing.

"Captain, this may not be your fight, but if we are to survive, and our honor is to remain intact, we need your help to finish this. Once and for all." At this time he puts his arms on the two Klingons before him. "This burden your mother and I bare, this was not supposed to happen this way, please, help me protect our family's honor, so that you and your family shall not live in sham for a fallacy born from a night of shame. Allow me to die with this secret. Allow me to give you my honor, that yours will remain intact."

Eyes somehow drifted over to the younger Klingon as you could see his head nod. "If the captain accepts I will do this, but you must repent for the sins of your heart before the chamber of sacrifice. To give of yourself so that the barge of the dead does not seek our family when it comes time for us to go to Sto-v-kor."

"I agree, in front of our whole family should we survive. For the restoration of our families honor, so that my sins are not your sins."

"Commodore..." Aurther spoke up, as all eyes drifted to him, "The Chuck Norris will be here for you, and we will do whatever we can in our power to help." Aurther motioned over to the Doctor who came promptly over, "Alright Doctor, he's all yours. We will leave him in your capable hands." The three officers began to leave the bed, with Winters now sensing a different tension arising from this new information. He stopped in his tracks and turned around when he heard the Commodore address him again.

"Captain, I do not plan on entering my next journey by laying on my back. When the time comes, I want to be on the bridge, I want to be able to look this foe directly in the eyes as I face it."

"Aye sir." Winters nodded and again motioned to the two Klingons to follow him. Passing by the injured crewman again he started to give his directions, the tone of his voice started to build of the confidence of those who heard it. "Alright Lieutenant, I don't care what you have to do, what protocols or rules you have to break. Jerry rig whatever, I want this ship back up in the best Operational strength in a few hours. Use whoever you can, whoever is available."

"Aye sir! I will not bring dishonor to this ship, not in this pivotal moment in our lives." G'ginloss looked at Bailey with a different gaze as he ran away from the two and headed towards engineering.

"As for you Ensign, I want you to move us into an shallow orbit over the south pole of this planet. Sensor indicate that the magnetic interference, should hopefully mask our power signature. You'll probably have to take manual control, the ships a little shaky right now." As he finished his sentence the two of them entered the bridge again. Only to have Lt. Riley interrupt Winters.

"Sir! Another ship is coming into the System." She called out.

"Identify." Winters replied back taking a seat in the Command chair.

"It's... a shuttle? Registry puts it as coming from Starbase 10." Winters looked over with slight confusion. "We are being hailed... again."

"On screen." Winters leaned back in his chair, he had given up being surprised or confused about any more weird happenings that transpired at this point and reserved himself to the amount of coincidences that were happening. With a flicker he was now facing a man he had never seen before with a blue collar.

"Hello, this it Lieutenant Rory O’Connelly. I am in search of Captain Winters and the Chuck Norris."

"Well Lieutenant, you have found them. How can I be an some assistance?"

"Well it's actually I that am here to assist you, now transfer in as your Chief Science officer."

"Well..." Aurther could see that the man was taking in the sight of the bridge in shambles, "We can take all the help we can get. Dock in the shuttle bay and report to me on the bridge."

"Aye sir, coming in now."


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Lieutenant Ech'am G'ginloss
Chief Engineering Officer


Ensign Raymond Bailey
Chief Flight Control Officer

U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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