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Coming in Red Hot

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 10:34pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: I like that we are getting a few more posts in! Nice job everyone, let's finish out strong on this mission! :D

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

Aurther paced around the bridge, checking over the shoulder of each crewmember at their station. It was a sight to see as they were all working at the highest performance. This was both because he knew that he had the best crew in Starfleet, as well as the general fear that at any point the should could just fall apart. Some screens flickered and some consoles were inoperable, but the crew was able to get it done. He stopped behind Lt. Riley and put his hands on her chair.

"Well, give it to me Lieutenant." Aurther's eyes scanned the system display, but he knew she would have the information more readily available.

"Shields are still down, main power is at 37%. The superstructure has taken significant damage from whatever stunt it is that your ordered. Impulse is back to at least half, hull integrity is hovering at 72%."

Winters took a small shallow breath before asking the next question, "Casualties?"

Riley paused for a moment to double check her reports, "No dead, although sickbay is reporting at least a dozen injured, it's more than can handle."

"Triage for now, I have faith in their work."

=/\= Hazard team leader to Captain. Were are go. Any last words or orders before we go, Sir? =/\= the comms opened up as the familiar voice of Pibb echoed the bridge. Winters walked back to the command chair and took a heavy seat. "Stand by Hazard team leader. We need to try and make sure that you are not detected, which was going to be a lot easier before all of this happened. Get your team into the shuttle and get ready for a drop."

=/\= A drop? What do you mean a drop?=/\=

"Well..." Aurther checked over his figures, "We are going to bring the Norris into the upper atmosphere of the planet, then we will open the shuttle bay and eject the shuttle out. To avoid any detection I would wait to power the shuttle until you're at least 50 kilometers away from the surface."

=/\= That sounds like one hell of a ride. =/\= Pibb rebutted back.

=/\= What's the hold up! Let's go already! =/\= Collier could be heard yelling back.

"Sir... with the ship in the state it is..." Riley began to object.

"I know, just do it. Divert any auxiliary power to the structural integrity field." He tapped his comm panel and started to broadcast ship wide, "All hands this is the Captain, prepare for rough turbulence."

"Bringing us in." Bailey acknowledged as the Chuck Norris started to enter the atmosphere. The Hull started to turn from it's normal Aztec grey to orange, to red. The ship shuddered and felt like a roller coaster as it bounced up and down.

"Integrity field down to 63%.... 62... we can't let it drop below 50."

"Understood Lieutenant, not yet..." Aurther waited, and watched the view screen, checking down and glancing at his displays he knew that they would have to be at least 150km above the planet to make the drop. Any more and the shuttle would be torn apart instantly. More sparks shot out from consoles and smoke started to refill the bridge. A small amount of sweat ran down Winters face. His eyes kept glancing back and forth from the console to the view screen. If he kept watching his display it would drive him mad, most of the chatter around the bridge was now almost becoming background noise and he couldn't make it out. At least until Lt. Riley spoke up again with urgency in her voice.

"53% Captain!"

Aurther looked down, 158km, close enough. "Open shuttle bay doors, drop the shuttle, Helm emergency power to thrusters, I don't care if you blow them get us into Orbit!"

The bottom of the Chuck Norris opened, the modified shuttle was ejected out, immediately caught into the stream of the Norris and began it's plunge down towards the planet. The Defiant class ships engines hummed and brightened up as the ship struggled to get out of the fiery hell scape it was stuck in. After another large jolt that rocked the entire ship to it's core, the Norris was back out in space, orbiting the planet, limping and leaking plasma.


Captain Aurther Winters
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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