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We need to get out. The Sequel

Posted on Mon Sep 21st, 2020 @ 2:04am by Lieutenant JG John Wyatt

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: USS Chuck Norris NCC 4001
Timeline: Current

Off:"One of the advantages of being a captain is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it."
William Shatner

On:Wyatt was now putting on his gift from winters. It surprisingly fit. Wyatt then went to the mirror to see himself in it. There in his mind he saw Aurther Winters reflection on the other side.

"Looking good Liuntenat" winters joked as he walked onto the bridge wearing the suit. "I can't thank you enough sir-b-but I need to tell you something" winters said. "Of course wyatt what is it" winters approved. "I-I-Uhm-Uhm" wyatt began stuttering. "I meant to give you this from the Admiral. It's not from me it was a token of his appreciation for your cooperation." Wyat ended going with. Wyatt soon extracted a long dusty wooden box. Then handed it to him."

Winters opened it. "No way how did he get this?" "He collects this stuff plus he knows how much you love cananda." The object to which he was referring was a 15th century telescope that belonged to Jacques Cartier. "

"Inside was a letter addressed to wyatt and winters" winters set it aside"

"Anyway how's the decrypting coming?" Winters asked wyatt" "oh I found out the dinasour thing. Apparently it was a jamming scheme." "Jamming? From what?" "That's the bad news sir the romulans are intent on preventing us from carrying out this mission." .


Lt.John Wyatt
Intelligence officer
U.S.S Chuck Norris


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