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Getting Sickbay in Order

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 5:11pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Gregory Serine
Edited on on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 5:12pm

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

Griz set the travel mug on the top shelf, swallowing a large sip of the delicious tasting coffee. A long sigh followed as he surveyed what he'd accomplished in a short time.

Griz had tasked himself with reorganizing the medical equipment storage cart. True, it was busywork, but with an empty sickbay, Griz needed something to preoccupy his mind. He'd started by removing and sterilizing each device. Then, Griz wiped down the top and bottom shelves' textured surface, ensuring they were also sanitized. After this, Griz organized most of the lower shelf equipment so that the most frequently used devices were positioned near its front. This would make it easier for him during the hand-off with the Doctor. Finally, Griz replenished the medication rack with the drugs they used most when treating common injuries. Beside the rack, Griz placed a tray holding various instruments, including a medical tricorder, hypospray, and dermal regenerator, among others.

With either hand on his hip, Griz offered a satisfied nod toward the cart to signify the task was complete.

Returning the cart to its place against the wall between the surgical biobed and the main treatment area, Griz retrieved his beverage and approached the standing console to see if the analysis on Lieutenant Pibb's plasma sample was complete.

When Griz approached the console station, the display woke to its login screen. His fingers tapping against the touch screen of the controls, Griz opened the analysis and studied its findings. The Lieutenant's cholesterol levels looked good, with low LDL levels and HDL levels common for a man with his body max index. Continuing his review, Griz noted an irregularity in Balen's white blood cell count - more than likely a byproduct of healing from the injuries he'd sustained during the ship's previous mission. All of the other numbers looked good and were in keeping with the Lieutenant's previous medical evaluations on record. Saving the results, Griz shared the report with the on-call physician on loan from Starbase 10 before signing out of the console and stretching, letting out a soft groan as he glanced around the quiet dispensary.

With half the day spent, now was as perfect a time as any to step away for a quick bite to eat in the mess.


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