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Don't ask me for a title

Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 8:41am by 1st Lieutenant Douglas Collier

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: Bridge?

"Anything else?", asks Commander Winters.
Lt. Collier steps foreward, and states, "Yes, sir, about assisting the training of this "strike force"... If you get me to train a group, there will be no tolerance for weakness, and some of them would die."
Commander Winters face shows slight shock, "Then you will have some tolerance in their training. I don't want any of them dead."
"Collier winces, "Very well, sir."
"If thats everything, dismissed", and Winters turns and heads to his office.

-Collier on the way to his quarters, some time later-

Just leaving the mess hall, turning right, Collier is preparing a training scheduale in case he is called to help. He passes a few doors, barely acknowledging the others saying hi, or sir. As he turns to his room, a familiar sharp pain hits his ribs. Nearly dropping his padd, the door opens, the pain increases steadily, spreading to other parts of his body. Mumbling, "No...No..." Falling to his knees in front of the drawer and opening it, and takes the pill. The pain quickly recedes. After giving a sigh of relief, he closes the drawer, stands up, and heads to the bathroom. took only a few days for it to return. Damn. "Computer, Personal log." Computer beeps. He scans his body. "My cells seem to be slowly dissipating. At this time, I cannot estimate how much time my body has", He states the stardate and time. "Computer, end log. Use code..." states the code. The computer beeps


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