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War Games p1

Posted on Sat Sep 12th, 2020 @ 8:57pm by Lieutenant Balen Pibb & Chief Petty Officer Mark Ryoko

Mission: Trial by Fire
Location: Security Office


=Security Office=

Both Ryoko and Pibb sat about the Office discussing the upcoming was games event.

"So, what exactly do we know about the exercise," Ryoko asked?

Pibb looked over the PADD excitedly. It had been awhile since his last War Games scenario. This one looked to be a bit challenging.

"Well it appears the gist of it is this. We are to make way to a current undisclosed system and extract a target from one of the systems planet's. Simple enough."

Ryoko had a look of shock. "This. Is hardly, what I'd call. A simple exercise. You know they will throw everything they have at us.The crew hasn't trained for such an event and we have no holodeck to train them in."

Pibb looked up from the PADD slightly. "We'll have to make due and train small unit tactics on the ship. We are versed in evasive tactics from a ship stand point."

"You can't be serious?" He exclaimed.

"Oh, definitely am. We can make use of the holodeck before we go but, we're going to have to finish on the fly. We still have an ace up our sleeve."

"And, that is?" As he awaited the punch line.


"Our, Chef and Ships Bar Keep?" Stunned again.

"You really don't think I hired him for his tastes in cooking do you?"

"Why, I actually did Balen."

With an excited wide eye. "He's former Starfleet Hazard."

Ryoko's laughter was contagious. "D.J. Beerus? You can't be serious?"

"He's gonna help us prep the gang Chief. So, they way I see it. We should have open call to see who wants to join the Stike Teams." As Pibb looked over the ships manifest.


Lt. Balen Pibb
Uss Chuck Norris


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