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Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2020 @ 7:17pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Mission: The Game is Afoot
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Current

OFF: Like a good game of Volleyball, I am just setting up for the spike!

ON: (Starbase 10 - Observation Lounge)

Aurther stood in the same spot and space he was standing in only a few days earlier. The real difference this time was that the Chuck Norris was coming into space dock, calmly, instead of trying it's best to make a break for it like a bat out of hell. His hands gripped on the same railing, but a little less white knuckled.
There was a feeling, deep down in his stomach about what was about to happen. The Admiral, turned out to be an alien in disguise. This means that the charges that were being brought against the Captain were meaningless and baseless. However, a lot of his crew mates did not know that fact when they transported vonMcCormick and made a break for freedom. Would Starfleet be able to look the other way in this case, or would the entire crew be brought in for a court marshal under treason themselves now? It was about to become very complicated and messy. Ensign Riley stood beside Aurther, she was also very silent, but for other reasons. In all the time waiting for the Norris to dock, she had gotten hungry and replicated herself a sandwich.

"You look worried." She said.

"I am, not sure if the means will justify the actions in this case."

"I'm sure Starfleet will see it that way. I mean all they did was steal a ship and run from the fleet." She took a bite of her sandwich, before more thoughts popped into her head, "Right, and fired on a Federation Starbase... and then sent a hologram into said Starbase which then put 54 security officers into sickbay. Well... and plus...', she was cut off by Winters.

"Thank you Ensign, I am aware of the gravity of the situation. It has not escaped me in all this time."

"I hope they have a good counsel." a familiar voice added. Winters glanced back to see Lieutenant G'ginloss making his way to the two other officers.

"Me too." Winters agreed, as the three officers watched the Chuck Norris finally dock.

OFF: Uh on, they are back, will they be in trouble? Will the new Captain drop the hammer on them? Who knows!

Commander Aurther Winters
First Officer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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