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Hes dead...oh wait....Is he?

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2020 @ 8:19pm by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt
Edited on on Sun Aug 30th, 2020 @ 5:18am

Mission: The Game is Afoot
Location: Jenkins ship
Timeline: Current

It had exactly 3 days since wyatts unfortunate incident. Now he just began to recover. As life had somehow breathed into the man. He had grasped a full idea of what happened. As the man lay there In the bed there was a knock.

"come in" Wyatt said with sadness in his voice.
"Hello John Its been a while hasn't it?" Jenkins said from the doorway. "Captain?" Wyatt said with surprise."What are you doing here?" "There really isnt answer to that john." Jenkins replied. "I had pibb beam you up to my ship." "Ship? This is yours?" "Yep the U.S.S Wayne." Jenkins said boastfully. "Oh goodie my former captain thinks hes batman." Wyatt thought. The thought of that was to funny that wyatt had to laugh" "Wayne? Let me guess its real name is bruce?"

"No john she's named after the American actor John Wayne" Wyatt knew that name but from where? Then it hit him he knew him from that movie he grew up watching with his brother. What was it again oh right "True Grit"

"Its fitting" wyatt finally settled on.
"So how about telling me why you're here?" Wyatt asked. At this point wyatt was getting out of the bed. "Well John let's head to U.S.S Nimoy. I have business to attend to there. As you can apparently walk again. Head down to the 8th deck there should be a burger place. Borger King I think it is. use my transporter I will meet you there In a hour"



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