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Long Time coming

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 4:08am by Lieutenant Commander John Wyatt

Mission: The Game is Afoot
Location: Admiral Jenkins ship
Timeline: Current

"John John wake up john" wyatt heard someone saying. Wyatt had now begun to come back from his coma. Alot was still fuzzy to him. "Unless you're celine Dion who has time traveld go away" wyatt muttered in a half asleep voice.

"Okay then" Jenkins said. Just then he got a little idea. Jenkins had a thing for antique knickknacks. As he was retired he was free to practice his own hobbies. He had walked into his quarters. Where there was a shelf. "I know it's here somewhere?" He said rummaging through it. Ah here it is. He was now holding a box labeled 20th century. From it he grabbed a round looking thing. "Sony disc man it read." The item was over 200 years old it was a miracle it still worked. He needed something to put in it. "Ah yes this'll do" he thought.

The item of choice was something called a cd also centuries old. After he hooked it all up. He went back to wyatt" He had put the earbuds in wyatt's ears and turned the volume to the max. "You are safe in my heart and my heart will go on and on" wyatt heard. "Ah celine dion your her----oh wait damn it jim leave me to my logic" he had said as he woke up.

"Logic you never had any to began with" Jenkins said. Followed by a laugh. "I-I know that voice but where?" Wyatt thought. Then he fully woke up. "Admiral Jenkins where did you come from?,where am I, where's pibb?" Wyatt asked. "Pibbs back on the Norris were heading to the devearux colony like you intended. Afterwards I shall send you back to your crew" Jenkins replied.

"For right now you need to rest your still not in good shape. That was quite a shot you took"
"WAIT I WAS SHOT!???? When? Wyatt yelled. "I don't know judging by the wound though I'd say you were. Its okay though wyatt I have something for you." He said.

To be continued.


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