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From the Sidelines

Posted on Thu Apr 9th, 2020 @ 1:22am by Captain Grover vonMcCormick
Edited on on Fri Apr 17th, 2020 @ 12:38am

Mission: From the Sidelines
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current


It's time for our first mission on the new Nova site!  As a reminder to everyone, we're an open role playing sim--that means everyone can write for everyone.  If you want to read more about open role playing, check out this article I wrote six years ago today.  Enough on that.  On to the mission!


{USS Chuck Norris, Captain's Cabin}

vonMcCormick stewed.  "The whole thing's BS," he muttered to himself.  It was now just two minutes until his XO Commander Winters was to arrive and take the PADD.  How prompt would Winters be, he wondered, as a took a seat... again.

The door chimed.

"Too prompt," he whispered.  "Come."

"Reporting as ordered," Winters said as he entered.  He was as well-trained officer.

"I thought I said two hours?" the Captain shot back.

"It's been two hours, Captain."

vonMcCormiick blasted out of his seat. "Not by my count."  

Winters crinkled his nose. "Sir?"

"Aghh, take this--"

Winters accepted the PADD as vonMcCormick shuffled him back toward the door.  "I don't understand."

"Get the ship underway in one hour, carry out the mission, and don't bother me."

"Don't bother you, what are you going to be doing?"

"Uh... playing video games.  Commander, I mean it, don't bother me."  vonMcCormick closed the door.

{USS Chuck Norris, Corridor}

Winters didn't know what to make of this Captain Grover vonMcCormick.  "Wow," was all he could manage.

{USS Chuck Norris, Conference Room}

Winters sat down in the XO's chair.  Surprisingly, it was still the same one from when he was XO years earlier.  He never forgot a chair.  "All right, let's see what this is all about."  He had already received a personal briefing from Star Fleet Command, but his new Captain's orders didn't seem to be in line with what he had heard.  He activated the PADD.

Before it loaded, Admiral van Tomlinsonborg was already on the conference room viewer.

"It's about time, Commander," the Admiral said with a grin.

"Sir, what is going on?"

"Easy, Aurther, easy.  Your mission is to leave orbit, proceed to Starbase 10, pick up additional crew including your new Mission Commander, Captain Horatio Spice, and then set course for the planet Raython IV.  Captain Spice will direct you from there."

"What about Captain vonMcCormick?"

"The orders are for you. Don't bother the Captain."

"Sir, can I ask--"

"--Admiral van Tomlinsonborg out."  The screen went blank.

Winters tapped his comm badge.  =/\=Crew, this is Commander Winters.  Prepare to leave orbit.=/\=

{USS Chuck Norris, Bridge}

"That's our mission?" asked Science Officer V'Setħ Borġ.

Winters didn't know what to say. It was the mission.  "Sorry, Mr. Borġ, but you're not related to...?"

"No, sir.  And I've never been assimilated either."

"That's good, and yes that's our mission."  He spotted the new Doc enter the bridge out of the corner of his eye.  "Lt. Ramsey."

Amarantha Ramsey made her way over to the conversation.
"Yes, sir?"

Winters handed her a PADD.  "When we get to Starbase 10, our mission commander Captain Spice has a special science project for you two."

"Oh joy," said Borġ.

"All systems ready to leave orbit," announced Lt. M'eia R'honn from the tactical station.

"Helm is at your control," said 2nd Lieutenant Douglas Collier, who would be filling in as Conning Officer until they reached Starbase 10.

Winters tapped his comm badge.  =/\=Winters to Cap--=/\=  It was pure instinct.  =/\=Winters to McCoy.  I'm on the bridge.  Bring me something good.  Surprise me.=/\=

=/\=You got it, Commander,=/\= McCoy replied over the comm link.


So that's our mission:

1) Proceed to Starbase 10 to pick up addition crewmembers and our mission commander, Captain Horatio Spice.
2) Set course for Raython IV and follow instructions from Captain Spice.
3) Borġ and Ramsey have already received a secret assignment from Spice.
4) Captain vonMcCormick is supposed to stay in his quarters the entire mission.

It's pretty open-ended so have fun with guys!

Captain vonMcCormick
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris  NCC-4005


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