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New Caitian, New Adventures

Posted on Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 @ 5:15am by Lieutenant M'eia R'honn

M'eia had just walked onto the Chuck Norris ready to meet new crew,and what not. She kept walking as she asked the ships computer on the board where her quarters were and as they told her she followed the arrows to crew quarters, so she can drop her Stuff off, and walk through out the ship, and smiled while walking around seeing different people as she walked by. She wanted to get to know her surroundings as Chief Of Security. Her Adventures were just beginning of a new way to learn the Starfleet Laws ,and make sure The people of the Chuck Norris obeys them while shes around. No One is getting away with Murder while a Caitian Security Chief is around.

Lt M'eia R'honn
Chief Security/Tactical
USS-Chuck Norris


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