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New Caitain on Board

Posted on Wed Jun 16th, 2021 @ 3:55am by Ensign Merlar R'heil

Merlar had just boarded the Chuck Norris , she was the new caitian on board she walked about the ship
finding her way around the Chuck norris , with her belonging in her hand , she checked her padd with the ships computer to find where her quarters are at ,so she looked where she needed to go and headed her way to her quarters. She had a while to walk she seen other officers walk by ,as she grinned and nodded to them as she wagged her tail,and kept on walking she took the tearest turbo lift and slinked in Caitain way as she called for the crew deck she needed to be on for a while till it stopped, and as it stopped Merlar walked on till she found her quarters to walk in and look at her surroundings after she put her things down , and looked around and also put her star fleet uniform on since she was in civillian clothing and look presentable for the Captain...

Ens. Merlar R'heil
Security Officer
USS-Chuck Norris


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