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A happy transfer

Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant JG Steven McCloud

“Computer, start personal log of Lieutenant (JG) Steven McCloud.

I have just finished an 16 month posting onboard the USS Schmitz as assistant Chief Medical Officer. Through the grapevine 4 weeks ago, I heard that the USS Chuck Norris was in need of a Chief Medical Officer. I applied, and to my surprise I was accepted by Captain Winters.

After making my way to Starbase 10 yesterday, my transfer confirmation has come through this morning. Evidently, the USS Chuck Norris will be arriving back and docking forthwith. That is when I will officially embark and become part of the crew.

I have never served on a Defiant class ship formerly. The USS Zaberah was an Interpid-class, and the Schmitz was a Saber-class. Space will surely be short around the ship, and I expect it to be rather compact.

Until their arrival, I will continue reading over the latest medical journals and textbooks to guarantee that my knowledge is above adequate in preparation for future missions.

Computer, end log.”


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