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Captain's Log!

Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 6:38pm by Captain Grover vonMcCormick

I have just one thing say...


Captain vonMcCormick!



He could die any moment we don't have a minute to spare.

Confound it, Wyatt! I've got a passed out Captain here, whom we just jailbreaked out of Starbase 10... and now you're telling me we have to find some colony or else Collier dies?!? I'm just a Security Officer for Kirk's sake!"

Mr. Pibb... I was doing some research, and it appears that Admiral Yoshimeyer was charged with treason 8 years ago for selling secrets to the Romulans to pay off gambling debts.


There's more... the charges were dropped and scrubbed from his record because all of the evidence was illegally obtained.

Get him sickbay right now. Emergency transport.

::thud thud thud::

What was heck was that?

I don't know.

::commotion, action::

We need to stay put Wyatt, whoever shot this man may not be far off.


::more commotion, weapons firing::

Yer's gonna pay fer what yers done Pibb.

::more weapons firing::


::more commotion and weapons firing::

Is this for real?

I think you need to see this.

What is it, Chief?

Look at this Balen. When did Anderson ever have green blood? This man is a Romulan.

Things have defiantly taken a turn for the worst, Chief.

Pibb to vonMcCormick.

vonMcCormick here.





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