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Starbase 10

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 1:59am by Ensign Balen Pibb

(An undisclosed pub on the station)

Pibb sat quietly as he drank his Vulcan Mind Bender. A cocktail recommend to him once while he was at the Academy. He was surprised to find someone who knew how to prepare it not, that it was complicated.

A rather young attractive Andorian sat down a few seats down. She would be difficult to miss. She looked to the Feringi tending the bar.

"What the wifi password?" She asked calmly, unfolding her PADD.

He responded "you have to buy a drink first."

Balen's eye raised as he could detect no deception from his Bataziod abilities. {This should be good} He thought has he took a sip.

She looked in disbelief. "Are you for real right now? What is the wifi password?" She looked sternly.

Again the bartender responded. "You have to buy a drink first." As he continued to wipe the counter.

Her Andorian antennas scolded forward in annoyance. "Fine put an Ale on my tab."

The bartender did as instructed and calmly made the lady a drink and placed it before her atop a coaster. "Here you go."

Looking annoyed still for having to order a drink. She asked again. "Whats the wifi password?" As she let out a sigh.

Again the bartender replied "you have to buy a drink first."

Balen bowed his head. {Jesus, he must be kidding right?} She's ready to strangle him.

She could hide her anger no longer. " I just did buy a drink. What the damn password?" She said angered.

The bartender again replied calmly as he began to wipe the counter again. "You have to buy a drink first. All lower case, one word. youmustbuy...."

{OH, sh*t} As, he tried to hide his laughter. *he spit up some of his drink.* "Son of a..." he muttered. Oh, that's good he thought to himself as he turned his chair to the right.

After logging into the wifi she moved to a small table with her drink in tow. She clearly ignored Balens reaction.

{OH, my God. I'd never believed it, had it not just happened. }
He thought to himself.


ENS. Balen Pibb
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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