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Lieutenant JG Steven McCloud

Name Steven McCloud

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 88.6 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slightly plump, but still in good physical condition.
Usually has his brown hair short, perhaps only a couple of inches long.
Has scars on his right forearm and on his right hip where he was caught by shrapnel whilst serving during a skirmish on Catania III.


Spouse Denise Strangeways (ex-wife)
Children Steven has son from a previous marriage and who lives with his ex-wife. Harry McCloud, four years old.

Father Mark McCloud
Mother Nichola McCloud

Personality & Traits

General Overview Still considered to be a rookie, despite his 12 years of service in Starfleet. His boyish looks often trip people and make them think he is younger than he actually is.
He entered Starfleet for all the right reasons, and is committed to his work and life as a medic.
Steven wants to help people, but also wants to explore the galaxy and have adventures.

Strengths & Weaknesses Steven knows that he needs to work on his limits as a Starfleet officer. Past actions have proved that he can unwittingly put himself and others in danger if he thinks he is helping someome.

Steven has an encyclopaedic knowledge of medicine. Despite his age, he has studied extremely hard to achieve this knowledge.

Ambitions To be a great Chief Medical Officer, and help people. So far he is achieving these ambitions.

Hobbies & Interests Steven believes that as a doctor, his learning never ends. As a developing career that is ever changing as new research and techniques are discovered, Steven spends an awful lot of time reading up on medicine. He believes this will make him a better and more capable doctor.

Personal History Steven was born on the Federation colony of Sigma Aurelius in the Caledonian star system in the Beta Quadrant.

Up until the age of 18, Steven had always wanted to pursue a career in civilian medicine. Following his graduation from high school, he was all set to begin his career in medical school. However, when the incident occurred at Wolf 365 in 2367, it changed Steven’s career path, and his life. He was so enraged at the thought of an alien species attacking the Federation in this way, that he made an emergency application to join Starfleet Academy to study medicine. Due to the losses at Wolf 365, his application was accepted with very little notice.

In Academy, he surprised his professors with the passion with which he studied Soon after beginning his formal training, his natural inclination combined with his rough upbringing transformed him into a medical combat expert. He loved his close combat training, and found it useful, but for unknown reasons never excelled in it as much as his professors expected him to. Although his grades in the field of medicine and alien physiology were unmatched.

Graduating from the academy, he spent a year on earth working for Starfleet Medical in varying research capacities. Some time later, he was transferred to the USS Zabreh.

As the junior medical officer on the Zabreh, he showed himself to be an extraordinary young man with talents way above his years. During his time on the Zabreh served under Lieutenant Commander S’Brek, Chief Medical Officer. The Vulcan became his mentor, teaching him the finer points of medicine and how to apply that to the setting of space exploration. He soaked up his instruction and came to think of the man as a father-figure almost.

During an unexpected skirmish on the planet Catania III (who were in the midst of a civil war), he was caught up in a sudden attack while attending to the wounds of fallen soldiers. S’Brek ordered him to return to the ship immediately. Steven disobeyed the order, and continued to assist the stricken soldiers. S’Brek allowed him to stay to help, and also stayed himself. A short time after the attack had concluded, Steven later found S’Brek’s bloody comm badge near a mortar crater. Despite being awarded the Cochrane Medal of Excellence, Karagite Order of Heroism and the Starfleet Silver Palm for his actions during this skirmish, Steven has never quite gotten over the guilt and pain of not obeying his mentor’s orders.

At the age of 25, Steven met and fell in love with Denise Strangeways, a medical relief officer based on Starbase Aurora. They were married less than a year later. Despite having a son together, Harry, they grew apart due to the long distances of life in Starfleet. They divorced soon after Harry was born. His son, now four years old, lives with Denise on Starbase Aurora.

Steven had a short stint on the USS Schmitz before a posting became available for a Chief Medical Officer onboard the USS Chuck Norris. Steven is now looking forward to his next adventures!

Service Record Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Medical

USS Zabreh
Junior Medical Officer

USS Schmitz
Lieutenant JG
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

USS Chuck Norris
Lieutenant JG
Chief Medical Officer