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Ensign Michael Sevmet

Name Michael Joseph Sevmet

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5"8
Weight 110 KG
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Humanoid. Half Human, Half Betazoid DNA.


Spouse Jennifer Hendricks (former)
Children No thanks.
Father Richard Cunningham
Mother Gloranna Sevmet
Brother(s) Kolos, son of Noggra is a "blood brother" - more below.
Sister(s) Ariza Sevment
Other Family Cousins, Uncles and aunts on both Betazed and Earth.
Michael has a holographic pet dog (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier) onboard the ship named Sadie.

Personality & Traits

General Overview He aims to please and to be a credit to the uniform - if his personal demons don't get in the way.

Hopes to be a chief engineer one day.
Strengths & Weaknesses S - Hardworking, loyal, creative, friendly. Lots of empathy for other's emotions. Intelligent. Good at fixing things.
W - Has the tendency to be hard on himself, and has a history of issues with confidence/self esteem. Attends regular counselling sessions. Spends a little too much time on the holodeck...
Ambitions Happy to be a head of dept in the operations division.
He wants to work towards becoming Lieutenant Commander.
There is a part of him that wonders about the possibilities of transferring to Command...
Hobbies & Interests Loves holonovels - particularly those set in the historical periods of WWII, The American West, and 22nd/23rd Century starfleet.
Enjoys performing in amateur dramatics - has performed in plays/theatre productions on every vessel he has served on.
Somewhat of an unofficial expert on Klingon culture - one of his closest friends is a Klingon, who he keeps in contact with over subspace. He regularly practices Klingon Martial Arts.
First joined starfleet with the intention of working on ship design - his main area of interest. He soon realised he'd rather be out there serving on a starship.

Personal History Born and raised in the UK, Earth.
Decided to join Starfleet early in his life, after deciding between that and his other career choice of acting. In his youth, he would read about the history of The Federation and Starfleet, and write school reports on starships.
His twin sister is Ariza Sevment, who is also in Starfleet. Although neither of them are full telepaths, they share an unusual connection. They're able to feel the emotions of each other, even over great distances.
During a training exercise there was an accident, and Michael ended up stranded on a planet with a Klingon officer/warrior - Kolos, son of Noggra.. Although they didn't trust each other at first, they eventually worked together to survive. When they were rescued, they became blood brothers. About a year later, Michael used some of his leave to act as Kolos" cha'DIch, after he was falsely accused of aiding a Romulan spy.
Service Record After graduating from Starfleet academy, he transferred to R&D at the Utopia Planetia Shipyards above Mars. After working there for a couple of years, he decided to transfer to the Engineering dept on board the USS Lexington as an ensign.
He served for around 2 years on the Lexington.