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Promotions and Update to the Roster

Posted on Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 6:40pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Good Day and hailing frequencies are open...

I want to say good to work to everyone for helping us not only push through to get the mission accomplished, but really stepped up our game and writing. It was a absolute pleasure to see, and I hope we can keep this momentum going. With that, there is some good news, and then other news.

The Good News!

Lt. Cmdr. Ech'am G'ginloss, has now been promoted to Commander.

Lieutenant John Wyatt, has now been promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Ensign Awal Kronnelti, has now been promoted to Lieutenant JG and made Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Ensign Djon Zyngh, has now been promoted to Lieutenant JG, and has been given the position of Chief Science Officer.

Congratulations to you all, you deserve it! IF you would like, please write a post about your promotion and change in position as you see fit. As we are also in between missions, I hope to have the new one started before the end of the month, please also feel free to work on some character development as you see fit.

Now for the just news, the roster has been updated as all inactive players have now been removed from the Sim. Please check to see the updates. The major moves is Djon is now our chief science officer and we longer have a chief medical officer. If you know anyone who would like to play, please feel free to send them our way.

Thank you,



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