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Recap: Not Where I Belong

Posted on Thu Jan 21st, 2021 @ 2:18pm by Captain Aurther Winters

Hey All!

I know it's been almost a full month since we had really any action around here, so to help out I thought I would get a recap going to bring people back up to speed incase they have forgotten:

The U.S.S. Wayne, under the command of Captain Jenkins, was attacked by a mysterious Romulan ship. Unknown to Starfleet, Captain Winters knows the ship in question, as it is thought to be under the control of former Starfleet Officer, and Chuck Norris crewman, Axelrod. The destruction of the Steamrunner class ship, the lose of half of her crew including Jenkins has now brought Axelrod to the spotlight for his action. This also comes under the weeks of Federation supply lines being attacked as well, also thought to be Axelrod.
Now the Chuck Norris has been assigned to a task force to pursue, capture or destroy the ship as it is been deemed a intolerable threat to the Federation.
On route to their patrol sector, their escort is forced to fall back due to mechanical issues, leaving the Chuck Norris on her own, right where she is usually meant to be.
Once searching for this enemy ship, they follow a trail that leads them facing off with the unknown ship. However no shots are fired as Winters and Axelrod have a hostile chat. Winters demands the Axelrod turn himself in. Axelrod refuses and explains that he is innocent, and actually on the run because factions within the Romulan empire are under the belief that he is a time traveler, which he protests.
Axelrod makes a hasty retreat, using the ships cloak to the displeasure of Winters.
In the meantime, Lt. Wyatt, distressed about the lost of his old mentor and friend, Captain Jenkins, is relieved of duty after letting his anger an emotions boil over and pulling a phaser on Winters. After being confide to his quarters, he suddenly felt unwell and saw himself start to disappear before his own eyes to his horror. Winters was able to arrive in time to watch the man disappear from existence, before getting a cryptic message from him, at which point he found out he was in a Lt. Wynonna's quarters now.
Commander Pibb, now promoted to the head of the Hazard Team, and Captain Winters seem to be the only crew that remember that Lt. Wyatt was a real person. Starfleet records list a John Wyatt, but he listed as KIA in 2280. Pibb is continuing to covertly investigate the matter.
Commander G'ginloss, taking on his new position as the XO is handling it well, taking charge and showing why was given the position. His slight bickering with his brother Lt. G'odoss about the newly acquired Ensign Awal Kronnelti.
While at the command of the Chuck Norris, an unidentified ship opened fire on them, and after a small engagement, that ship was disabled. As the crew attempts to make contact with said ship, three other Romulan ships are approaching them, with their intentions... unknown.


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