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Trial by Fire *Synopsis*

Posted on Mon Nov 2nd, 2020 @ 5:17am by Captain Aurther Winters

Good Day Crew,

As we have had some new people join up, I have been asked for a synopsis of the last mission to help those join in, so here it is.

The Crew of the Chuck Norris, after a switch in Command, is now under the Command of the newly promoted Captain Aurther Winters. Their first mission is a war game to defeat "enemy ships" and retrieve a VIP. The Chuck Norris is retrofitted to do so and proceeds to the Turrer star system to engage in these games. On route, Winters decided to implement the Hazard Team, as a replacement for a typical marine detachment as the size of the Chuck Norris does not warrant one due to space. The team is then headed up by Lt. Pibb, Lt. Collier and the ships bartender Beerus who severed previously on a hazard team before becoming a bartender.
However on the way to the Turrer star system, the Chuck Norris is intercepted by a Romulan warship, and with no offensive arsenal to it, is almost forced to surrender. However Lt. Wyatt beams over to the ship, and he is the one they are after and convinces them to leave the Defiant class ship in peace. With Wyatt gone, the Chuck Norris returns on mission, with the hope that he knew what he was doing.
After being interrogated for a time, Wyatt is free by Axelrod, who had previously been on the Chuck Norris, attempting to kill Lt. Pibb and shooting Wyatt, in the spin, which caused him to have cybernetic legs. The two take over the Romulan ship, and use it to bring Wyatt back to the Chuck Norris before the start of their wargame. In the interim, Lt. G'Ginloss is able to work with the hazard team to refit two shuttles and drone to use on their mission.
As the Chuck Norris enters the Turrer star system, they realize that it is actually a trap, the VIP they are supposed to be retrieving is actually in danger of being taken as prisoner by the Romulans. Frantically the engineering teams onboard try to bring the weapons online as they dodge fire from two enemy ships that are guarding the planet. At the last moment, the weapons come online, Winters orders and execution of attack pattern Walker 3-6-0 and the two ships are disabled or destroyed in the firefight. With the path cleared, the Chuck Norris deploys the hazard teams to the surface of the planet.
In orbit they find Commodore Ch'tsarginn Krum, whom they rescue from a disabled shuttle. He is there to find two Klingons who are actually long lost brothers. This turns out to be Lt. G'Ginloss and Ensign Bailey, who know changes his name to J'goss Yass G'odoss.
On the Planet, Lt's Pibb and Collier lead the Hazard team through a intense firefight and rescue the VIP, Commodore Devux, who had ordered the war game in the first place, and then transport her back to the ship.
In Orbit, Winters is able to bluff his way out of another assault as a small Klingon force shows up, belonging to the house of the two brothers and Commodore Krum. As the last moment, a Federation task force also shows up, tipped of by Axelrod who disappeared from scene as quick as he showed up. With the threat gone, and the ship repaired as best as it could be, the Chuck Norris licks her wounds and heads back to Starbase 10 for repairs.


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